The add-on modules to the ROBO-POT system

Here you can see a selection of MRW modules for adaptation to your requirements in machine construction. We are constantly expanding our range with innovative solutions in a modular system.

Turning station

For incorrectly oriented parts. In motion or combined with separating chambers.

Separating systems

Flip-Flop: For separating and clocked output of workpieces after an accumulating track.

Separating systems: For buffering, separating and clocked output of workpieces that connot be accumulated.

Additional sensors

Laser sensor: For point detection of a feature.

Image sensor: For detection of one or more features on a specific area.

Switch for multiple-lane output

After single-lane inspection of the parts at the line scan camera, they can be distributed and output on up to four lanes.

Transfer assemblies at the end of the conveyor

Blow-in assembly: parts are blown into a hose or tube.

Dump assembly: Parts come from the horizontal position into downward or vertical output.

Cross pusher: pushing parts off the conveyor at a 90° angle.

Provision nest: For picking up parts by grippers or suction cups.

Vertical positioner: As a swivel unit or turret positioner for vertical providing of the parts.

Turning station
Separating systems
Laser sensor
Image sensor
Blow-in assembly
Dump assembly
Cross pusher
Provision nest
Vertical positioner