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Image sensor Keyence IV2 autolearn successfully implemented.

With this Keyence sensor in the ROBO-POT system, MRW achieves a new dimension in sorting performance.
Iggingen, 31.03.2021

Now more orientations per workpiece possible

With the innovative image sensor from Keyence, multiple orientations can be viewed per workpiece. This means a significant increase in sorting performance when a feature must be reliably detected in multiple workpiece orientations. The Keyence image sensor knows exactly which detail it has to check and which can be ignored.

Practical example: Often the contours of the workpiece are identical, only one hole makes the difference. Instead of previously using only one reference image, the contour and bore are now detected, checked and evaluated simultaneously with "Keyence IV2 Autolearn".

This sensor inspection recognizes defects in timely manner - for example before packaging - and thus avoids complaints due to incorrectly delivered parts.

High-speed system for top performance

MRW designs and builds a universal ROBO-POT system according to the highest requirements of a worldwide leading manufacturer of metal fittings.
Iggingen, 31.03.2021

Turning station and laser technology optimally matched

The MRW system can perfectly inspect, sort and feed 100 to 200 bolts per minute, depending on length and characteristics, in tough, industrial 3-shift operation. The ROBO-POT system is designed for parts up to 120 mm in length with diameters up to 15 mm.

Crucial to this efficiency is the coordinated information processing of two Keyence lasers and the turning station by the ROBO-POT control system. The two distance lasers scan the symmetrical bolts on the front and rear sides, respectively, according to predefined characteristics. The turning station is then used to turn incorrectly oriented bolts in correct output orientation. Additional triggering is not necessary.

Maximum performance in the smallest space

ROBO-POT system with all essential performance features
for extremely limited space conditions.
Iggingen, 31.03.2021

The requirements of Eberhard AG - a machine building company in Schlierbach (BW) - were challenging regarding technology and available space in production.

With a lot of creativity and technological know-how beyond the normal limits, MRW developed an extremely compact ROBO-POT System 3.5, which contains all components for sorting and feeding SMD plug-in housings with lengths from 15 to 40 millimeters in the correct position. In quantities of 100 to 150 housings per minute.

MRW succeeded in a comparably short time to build the sound-proof ROBO-POT system in such a space-saving way that all necessary components could be integrated. The system with easily accessible controls includes: Spiral conveyor bowl, turning station, linescan camera for contour detection, laser for color detection, reject station and accumulating sections at the end of the belt. The video shows how unconventionally the individual components were arranged to solve the customer's complex task.

If new part types have to be fed, no retooling work is necessary. This means a further plus in efficiency under the limited conditions.